'Series' Tagged Posts

'Series' Tagged Posts

New Series: 1st John – Light

The letter we call 1st John is all about contrast. Light and darkness. Good and evil. And love. Lots of love. Join us as we jump into this rich text and discover what God has to teach us in love and life.

New Series: What Good is the Bible?

What good is the Bible? We’re going to explore this question a little over a three week Sunday morning series. The Bible is thought to be cruel, inconsistent, and irrelevant among other things. But, if it’s supposed to be God’s word, how can it be like that? Is it any good? I think it is.

In the Beginning

Charlie kicks off a new series this Sunday- In the Beginning. We’re going to bounce back and forth spending several weeks in Genesis and then several in Matthew. Should be fantastic! See you there! Join us 10am Sundays at Schaeffer