Thoughts from the Shepherds – Community v COVID

Thoughts from the Shepherds – Community v COVID

Can I encourage you to invest in the Living Hope family?
I truly believe that God has a plan for us and that a huge part of that is the church family that we connect with.

Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with one another. — Romans 12:15-16 (CSB)

It is extremely hard to live the way God has called us to apart from his people. We are designed to live in harmony, to be in community and this COVID thing keeps hurting those relationships. It continues to take intentional effort to bridge the gaps that sneak into our lives.

Connecting may look different for different people depending on your health but I’d encourage you to invest, put effort into building relationships with others here. I believe that God will bless those efforts and we can continue to work together towards the type of community God wants us to have.

So, reach out, go grab coffee with someone, participate in small group, sing at the Sunday morning service, share a verse on facebook, make a phone call, go for a jog with someone, share a prayer request… just be intentional with your time and relationships.

I believe that’s God’s call on our lives and that our community can thrive even in COVID.

With you in faith,