Sermons by Charlie Meyer

Sermons by Charlie Meyer

Charlie is a founding pastor at Living Hope Church in Rochester, MN

Bold Steps: Trust

The first step of our year-long journey begins with Trust. Trusting God is becoming so convinced of the goodness of God that we dare to let go of our reliance on other things to experience it.

World Changing Acts

After seeing Jesus alive on that first Easter, the minds of his followers were racing with anticipation. In a stunning act, God had sacrificed His Son and then He had risen from the dead as LORD. Surely this would open the way for an act of God unlike any the world had seen. What happened next, no one saw coming. But it changed the world.

Groundwork – 1 John 1:1-4

Charlie starts our new sermon series through the book of 1 John – How is God’s truth as revealed in the Word to interact with the paradigm of the culture? Can we mix and match truths from the word and truths from the culture? God’s paradigm replaces the culture’s paradigm, and we must be diligent to not corrupt it in order to please the culture around us.