Sermons on Christmas

Sermons on Christmas

Christmas Presents

Christmas presents are fun for a while but then we tire of them. What do we really need this year? Let’s talk about some presents that really last.

The Coming of the Messiah: God Comes to Earth

Sometimes we feel like the events in our lives are overlooked by God but just like He planned out every detail of Jesus’ birth, He has planned out every single moment of every day in our lives.  He sent a Savior born for you!  This week we study how God fulfilled His promises for us in the coming of Jesus Christ and why we are in need a Savior.

The Coming of the Messiah – Part 4

This week we continue our study on the coming of the Messiah by taking a look at how the Lord used John the Baptist to prepare the hearts of people for Christ and call them to repentance.  We are called to do the same in the world today.  Will you allow God’s Word to cause you to share the good news of Jesus Christ?