Sermon Series

Sermon Series

New Series: World Changing Acts

After seeing Jesus alive on that first Easter, the minds of his followers were racing with anticipation. In a stunning act, God had sacrificed His Son and then He had risen from the dead as LORD.  Surely this would open the way for an act of God unlike any the world had seen.  What happened next, no one saw coming.  But it changed the world. We’ll be working our way through the book of Acts on Sunday mornings. Look for examples…

New Series: Collision Course – The Prophecies of Zephaniah

We’re starting a new three week Sunday series about the short book of Zephaniah. It’s an amazing prophecy about God’s judgement, the need for repentance and the coming reunion of God with his people! I hope you can be with us as we look into this special book in God’s word.

New Series: What Good is the Bible?

What good is the Bible? We’re going to explore this question a little over a three week Sunday morning series. The Bible is thought to be cruel, inconsistent, and irrelevant among other things. But, if it’s supposed to be God’s word, how can it be like that? Is it any good? I think it is.

New Series – Galatians

The book of Galatians is a real letter, written to real people about theology real enough to die for.  It is a red hot passionate appeal to people Paul cared deeply about.  He risked his life to bring these people the good news about Christ. He was not going to let them walk away without reminding them of what God had done for them and warn them about the gravity of their actions.  As a result we have a wonderful explanation…

The Gospel of John

The Bible has four different accounts of Jesus life and each of them is unique, bringing with it God’s inspiration through the author’s viewpoint and audience. Matthew, Mark and Luke contain a lot of corroborated information while John takes a different tack. John seeks to present Jesus as God. The others do that too but emphasize Jesus as King, Servant and Human as well. John leaves off many of the other common stories about Jesus and focuses in on a…

Prisoner of Joy

We’ve each got our set of trials, temptations and hardships. Are you a prisoner of your circumstances? We’re going to take a look at Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi. It is a very personal letter full of joy and peace with Paul’s circumstances. Yet he is very clear that he was a prisoner and might not be released. Paul was not a captive of his circumstances. He chose to believe that there was something more true than what…

Wisdom Works

What actually works? Well, we believe that the wisdom found in the Bible actually works. The book of James is filled with practical wisdom that will help us in our faith journey as we connect with God and others. Come join us (in person or via live feed) as we jump into James 1 at Living Hope – Sunday 10am.

The Gospel of the Kingdom

We’ve got a new series on the book of Matthew starting on Sunday – The Gospel of the Kingdom. I’m looking forward to it! See you there, Sunday, 10am at Schaeffer
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