Posts by Paul Johnson

Posts by Paul Johnson

Evidence for the Resurrection

It’s good to ask questions like: Did Jesus really rise from the dead? It’s been a while… how can we really know? Check out this pdf article and let us know what you think!

Biblical Parenting

Join us May 5th and 6th in Eau Claire, WI as we turn our attention on how to biblically parent our children.  Steve and Kathleen Nelson, authors of Premeditated Parenting, will encourage and equip parents in raising children who have a passion for God and a heart for people. Register here:

New Series: World Changing Acts

After seeing Jesus alive on that first Easter, the minds of his followers were racing with anticipation. In a stunning act, God had sacrificed His Son and then He had risen from the dead as LORD.  Surely this would open the way for an act of God unlike any the world had seen.  What happened next, no one saw coming.  But it changed the world. We’ll be working our way through the book of Acts on Sunday mornings. Look for examples…

Men’s Game Night

Hey men, let’s connect! Join us February 3rd, 6pm at Paul’s house for a tournament of champions! We will feast on chili and cornbread then battle it out with various board games and cards. Please bring your favorite games. Finally, please invite your friends! Sign up here:

Family Christmas Celebration Moved

Due to the cold weather and high winds, we are going to move the Living Hope Family Christmas time tonight.  We will have the kids perform their program during the Christmas Service on Sunday. Have a warm evening home with the family. And if we don’t see you on Sunday,  Merry Christmas!

New Series: 1st John – Light

The letter we call 1st John is all about contrast. Light and darkness. Good and evil. And love. Lots of love. Join us as we jump into this rich text and discover what God has to teach us in love and life.

New Series: Collision Course – The Prophecies of Zephaniah

We’re starting a new three week Sunday series about the short book of Zephaniah. It’s an amazing prophecy about God’s judgement, the need for repentance and the coming reunion of God with his people! I hope you can be with us as we look into this special book in God’s word.

New Series: What Good is the Bible?

What good is the Bible? We’re going to explore this question a little over a three week Sunday morning series. The Bible is thought to be cruel, inconsistent, and irrelevant among other things. But, if it’s supposed to be God’s word, how can it be like that? Is it any good? I think it is.