Sermon Archive

Sermon Archive

Groundwork – 1 John 1:1-4

Charlie starts our new sermon series through the book of 1 John – How is God’s truth as revealed in the Word to interact with the paradigm of the culture? Can we mix and match truths from the word and truths from the culture? God’s paradigm replaces the culture’s paradigm, and we must be diligent to not corrupt it in order to please the culture around us.

Collision Course: Zephaniah 2

This is not a drill. Let’s take the warning signs seriously and work to stave off the hum drum attitude that creeps in when we end up waiting longer than expected. Zephaniah has some attitudes to cultivate for everyone. Let’s go through them together on Sunday.

What Good is a Pastor?

After discussing “What Good is the Bible” and “What Good is the Church” it seems like we should talk about church leadership for a week. Plus we’ve got an exciting announcement about future plans at Living Hope.