A Thanksgiving Thought

A Thanksgiving Thought

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. ‘His faithful love endures forever’.
Give thanks to the God of gods. ‘His faithful love endures forever’.
Give thanks to the Lord of lords. ‘His faithful love endures forever’. — Psalms 136:1-3 (CSB)

I read Psalm 136 this Thanksgiving morning and it was very appropriate. I thought about copying it all in here but then thought I’d just give you a link instead.

Out of all the things that we can be thankful for I believe that God’s love is the most powerful. But, not only his love but his faithful love. And, not only his faithful love but the fact that it endures FOREVER! 

This Psalm is like a call and response sort of thing and the congregation repeats over and over ‘His faithful love endures forever’.
What a mantra for our lives.

God is just. God is strong. God is merciful. God is all knowing. Those are all important and even vital aspects of God’s character. There are more too.
But, perhaps the most vital aspect of our God is that ‘His faithful love endures forever’. (A word study on chesed  or “faithful love” is really fun.)

If this Psalm would have been written after Christ’s death and resurrection surely it would top the list of the triumphs of our Lord!

Give Psalm 136 a read, pray through it and thank God that ‘His faithful love endures forever’!

I pray you have a thankful day!