Don’t just distract yourself!

Don’t just distract yourself!

Got some extra downtime? Feel like you’re not sure what to do?

Last night my wife and I watched The Repair Shop on Netflix. It’s a British show about repairing antiques. They tell the story of three different people and the objects that they have cherished for sometimes generations, how they were broken and then how the craftsmen at the shop repair them bringing them back to their former glory. It’s a relaxing way to spend a half hour at the end of a loud and frantic day.

I mention this because I believe that entertainment is a good thing. It is enjoyable, relaxing and restful… in appropriate quantities.

I also enjoy reading and often have a work of fiction on my nightstand. Furthermore I engage in various hobbies that help refresh me. These things are also good… in appropriate quantities.

Why the explanation of my time?
Because in our entertainment focused society and ESPECIALLY in our time of quarantine we can give ourselves too much to entertainment. I talked about this before – at BEST we just end up distracting ourselves instead of truly resting and at WORST we defile ourselves with bad content consuming filth.

Now, as I’ve just explained: I entertain myself. But, I strive to be careful and would encourage you to do so as well.

So, first, please be aware of how much entertainment you are pursuing. Don’t give yourself too much to entertainment. How much is too much? That’s a tough line to draw but if you’re asking that question you may have the wrong spirit about this issue. Ask God how you can best be spending your time. Look to scripture for guidance. More on that subject below.

Secondly, consider the content of your entertainment. We can easily slide into allowing more and more filth to pass in front of our eyes. We become numb to language, violence, sex and even just a sin based frame of mind so much so we don’t really even notice it anymore.

Finally, when considering alternative activities to straight entertainment – choose options that interact with people in positive ways, look to serve others and engage them at more than just a surface level. Or consider serving someone (even a family member) in some way. Another option would be to strive to learn something new – this could be pursued through books, videos, other people, online courses or whatever.

Obviously pursuing God is a very worthy use of your time. There are many, many possibilities to deepen your walk with him during this period of time. Read additional scripture, listen to podcasts, download Bible studies or e-books and take the time to really think and meditate on God and what you’re reading.

So, instead of asking “How can I entertain myself now?” or “What should I add to my Netflix watch list?” consider something more.
Let’s share resources. What are you doing beyond entertainment?

Here’s a couple I came up with:

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