'wisdom' Tagged Posts

'wisdom' Tagged Posts

Becoming Wise – Sunday Teaching Series

If you’re like me sometimes you suffer simply because you’ve made the wrong choice. Not all of that can be avoided but the Bible seems to say that some of it can. It speaks of a “wisdom” that can enrich our lives. Through this series we’ll dive into the wisdom that the Bible teaches that takes us through a wide variety of practical and spiritual topics such as marriage, parenting, vocation, money management, counsel, conflict resolution and more. Our God…

Wisdom Works

What actually works? Well, we believe that the wisdom found in the Bible actually works. The book of James is filled with practical wisdom that will help us in our faith journey as we connect with God and others. Come join us (in person or via live feed) as we jump into James 1 at Living Hope – Sunday 10am.

Thoughts on Doing Your Own Thing

I enjoy drinking Good Earth brand tea and they always have a motivational quote from a famous person – the other day it was “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice.” – Steve Jobs I love the idea of Individualism found in these sorts of quotes. It’s very inspiring! Be your own person, don’t let anyone else tell you where to go or what to do, stand up for yourself. Within these popular and sturdy…