'Genesis' Tagged Posts

'Genesis' Tagged Posts

New Series: “Did God Really Say”

Our new series starts Sunday – We will spend 5 weeks looking at what it means that God has spoken to us, what the Biblical narrative of the world is and how this affects our understanding of who and what we are as people. We hope to explore how His truth impacts every aspect of life.

Three Words of Hope

“God remembered Noah” These words say a lot about God but are easy to forget.  All through chapter 7 the Flood had raged upon the earth as the righteous judgement and wrath of the Creator poured over the earth.  Day after day Noah and his family had experienced nothing but the Flood getting worse and worse.  150 days.  Five months. Each day worse than the one before as the waters rose and the world was destroyed.  It had to seem…

In the Beginning

Charlie kicks off a new series this Sunday- In the Beginning. We’re going to bounce back and forth spending several weeks in Genesis and then several in Matthew. Should be fantastic! See you there! Join us 10am Sundays at Schaeffer