Three Words of Hope

“God remembered Noah”

These words say a lot about God but are easy to forget.  All through chapter 7 the Flood had raged upon the earth as the righteous judgement and wrath of the Creator poured over the earth.  Day after day Noah and his family had experienced nothing but the Flood getting worse and worse.  150 days.  Five months. Each day worse than the one before as the waters rose and the world was destroyed.  It had to seem like there was no hope.  That God had forgotten, and the world would never reappear. 

But God does not forget his promises.  Actually, he had never forgotten.  He had prepared for the moment of remembrance. The instructions for the Ark, the sending of the animals, all the preparations were made for this day when he would remember.  This is our God.  He is just.  He is judge.  But he is love.  Jesus reminds us to pray to him like he is a friend lying in bed.  At first, he may not get up, but if we persist, he will answer.  He will get up, not because he is annoyed, but because at the core he is a friend.  Because he loves us.