Good Friday and Easter

Good Friday and Easter

Today we celebrate Good Friday and look forward to Easter. This time of year should easily be bigger than Christmas as we remember Christ’s death and resurrection. God’s plan throughout the ages, from creation, the fall, through the nation of Israel, the law and the prophets all comes together at this point in history.

God becoming the man Jesus is a big deal. But, how much more so Jesus dying a sinner’s death and then being raised from the dead by the power of God to everlasting new life! In this act a way is opened for any person to simply believe and have the perfection of Jesus to cover their sins with his eternal life filling them!

What a tremendous and amazing truth we have in Easter! Let’s not let this time time of year go by without a significant event!

As a church we’re doing what we can to make much of Easter.

Good Friday
Tonight at 7pm we’ll have a Communion Service to remember Jesus celebrating the passover with his disciples, instituting what we now call breaking bread or communion. As Jesus commanded (1 Cor 11:23) we break bread to recall his body physically broken for us and we drink wine (or grape juice) to recall his blood spilled for us. Please join us to sing and celebrate.

Join the live video at 7pm here.

Fasting and Prayer
Through Saturday we’re challenging the church to fast and pray together. It’s possible that many who thought Jesus was the Messiah fasted while he was in the tomb because they didn’t understand God’s plan. We often don’t fully understand God’s plan and at this time of uncertainty and fear it’s very appropriate that we seek God through prayer and fasting. For more background see this post. That write up includes ideas on what to pray for throughout the time.

In order to do something a little more special for Easter we will be using the building to broadcast our live service. The Minnesota Governor has given churches that privilege even under the stay at home order. We look forward to having the band back together for the music and using the gear available there to put on our service. Charlie’s topic is: The Victory.

Join the live video at 10am here.

As has become our habit, we will also be checking in via Google Meet to say hi after the service. We try to order these times just a bit so that it’s not pandemonium on screen so look for the chance to hear an update from various households.

Check in after the service here.

As we stare down several more weeks of the stay at home order, I’d encourage you to be connecting to others often. It takes effort, time and patience with the technology but God can use it to help us encourage and support one another as scripture calls us to.

Please feel encouraged to reach out to Charlie ( or I (

We’re using Facebook for our live videos so whenever an event it happening you should be always able to find it here –

We realize that Facebook is not loved by everyone so we’re trying to also keep broadcasting the video from Facebook to our website here. My apologies to those that tried that location last week. I didn’t updated it in time.

I think that’s about it. I look forward to worshiping with you as we celebrate the biggest thing to happen in all of creation – our God come to earth to die and rise from the grave!