Reopening Sunday!

Reopening Sunday!

Update: As of March 22nd we are expanding our childcare. Please see our plan for kids here.

Now that the Governor has allowed churches to meet, we are planning on resuming in person services this coming Sunday (5/31) at 10am! In accordance with the Governor’s requirements we have taken the steps listed below for mitigating the spread of Covid – 19 Virus.  We understand that people have different levels of comfort with potential exposure.  Because of this, some people will find this plan sufficient and others may not.  We encourage each person to decide what is best for them and their family. 

Our goal is to unify the church, so it is of primary importance that we honor each other in our thinking.  We realize that this has been and will continue to be a trying time where faith is essential to all our activities. One thing we have noticed is that our social muscles may have atrophied a little during this time of isolation. We would like to inspire you to not give in to the pull of convenience in staying home and instead to come and encourage your brothers and sisters.  Yet, if you would feel unsafe entering the building with us please don’t feel pushed to come. Our services will continue to be streamed online for those who stay home.

Here are the basics of our plan for reopening:

  1. Please screen yourself. If you are feeling ill, especially with a fever and cough, please join us via video instead of in person.
  2. We encourage you to bring a mask and wear it as you enter, as we sing, as you leave, and during conversation time. Even if you are not fearful, we have been advised that wearing a mask protects others. Please love others by wearing one. 
  3. Our main auditorium is rated for 360 people so we should be able to have as many as 90 in the room while still meeting the Governor’s guidelines. We will attempt to have the pews mapped out so that families/households can be socially distanced during the service.
  4. As of August 30th we are reopening limited childcare. Please see details of that plan here.
  5. When the weather is nice coffee is served outside.

There is much value in Living Hope gathering again and we hope that those of you who feel safe will join us. We also believe that those who would feel unsafe can be with us from a distance. Let the Spirit guide you in faith.

If you have any questions or ways that you think we could best honor God and our those he has put in authority please let us know.

With you in His grace,

Paul and Charlie