Sermons by Paul Johnson

Sermons by Paul Johnson

Paul is a founding pastor at Living Hope Church in Rochester, MN

Did God Really Say – Love?

As we apply a Biblical worldview, we must contend with the command to love and what this means in a world that has its own version. If what we do is not perceived as love, then what?

Easter Immortal

Join us this Easter as we celebrate the true life that we’ve been given through Christ’s resurrection!

Does Jesus change this too? – Philemon

Paul probably wrote Philemon at the same time as Colossians so we’re packaging it together. It is a personal letter applying a theme from Colossians that I think has great application for us today! See you Sunday!

Acts: The Pattern

We’ve spent the last 10 months looking at the details of Acts. Let’s pull back this Sunday for one more week and figure out what it actually changes about our lives.

Christmas eve

In a season that easily slips into crazy commercialism, people pleasing, or just plain darkness let’s return to the true spiritual peace that is found only in Jesus.

Finality – Acts 20:17-38

Paul sees dear friends one last time and has a whole letter worth of encouragement and exhortation. Let’s learn from his example, warning, and generosity.