Sermons by Paul Johnson

Sermons by Paul Johnson

Paul is a founding pastor at Living Hope Church in Rochester, MN

Bold Steps

Do you ever feel a little stuck? How about a lot stuck? As we seek God he wants us to grow and even multiply. This journey can seem overwhelming when you’re stuck but getting unstuck starts with a single step. Let’s talk about taking steps together, starting where you are.

Christmas Presents

Christmas presents are fun for a while but then we tire of them. What do we really need this year? Let’s talk about some presents that really last.

The Antichrist – 1 John 2:18-29

John sees his readers as in danger of being deceived by opponents to Christ. What can we learn and apply from this passage? Let’s talk about it on Sunday. See you there!

Collision Course: Zephaniah 2

This is not a drill. Let’s take the warning signs seriously and work to stave off the hum drum attitude that creeps in when we end up waiting longer than expected. Zephaniah has some attitudes to cultivate for everyone. Let’s go through them together on Sunday.

What Good is a Pastor?

After discussing “What Good is the Bible” and “What Good is the Church” it seems like we should talk about church leadership for a week. Plus we’ve got an exciting announcement about future plans at Living Hope.