Sermons by Paul Johnson

Sermons by Paul Johnson

Paul is a founding pastor at Living Hope Church in Rochester, MN

Finality – Acts 20:17-38

Paul sees dear friends one last time and has a whole letter worth of encouragement and exhortation. Let’s learn from his example, warning, and generosity.

Pushing People – Acts 18

In Acts we see lives changed and people pick up the responsibility to carry the message on. Can that be “The Plan”? What does that mean for me and my life?

Bold Steps – Step #4: Connect

God has good for us through relationships but how do we access that? We want and need close friends but that’s easier said than done. Let’s look at the relationships God calls us to in his word and how to build them.

Take My Life – Acts 12

Acts 12 takes us into the story of tragedy and a miraculous escape. These people put it all on the line for their faith. How do we translate this for our lives today?

Dad Says: Live Life on Purpose

This Father’s Day we’ll be talking about what it means to live life on purpose. We end up chasing a lot of different things but it’s unsatisfying. Let’s chase what matters!