Sermons from August 2019

Sermons from August 2019

Genesis 39: The Prospering Servant

Joseph was prospered by God because he realized that in any and every circumstance he was doing the work that his extremely generous master had given him to do. Sometimes God puts us in difficult situations and expects us to faithfully follow His lead. This week we see in Genesis, chapter 39 how Jospeh responds to the difficult situation God has allowed him to go through.

Joseph the Dreamer: Genesis 37-38

Often we choose to do our own thing rather than follow what God desires for us. This week we look at Genesis chapters 37 and 38 to see that God can work through even the worst of situations and use them for the good of the Kingdom.

Gods grace:Matthew 16

Charlie takes us through the next chapter in Matthew. He explains how Christ interacted with the disciples and how we should live in light of the truth of Christ.

Gods mysterious grace

Join us in the second part of our first ever connection days! Charlie will take us through the amazing ways God reveals his grace.

Using our time

Join us in our first ever connection days! Paul starts us off talking about our use of time and rest.

Kingdoms Part: Matthew 15

Who do we look to for answers? Do we look to men or to the Word of God? God has given us answers as to who we are. This week in Matthew chapter 15, Jesus tells us we need to turn to God’s Word for hope and to find answers for the questions we have.