Sermons from February 2023

Sermons from February 2023

Figure It Out – Acts 1

Life can be unsettling and the future intimidating. The disciples watched Jesus float away in Acts 1. Then they had to figure out what to do next based on his last instructions. Let’s learn from them together.

World Changing Acts

After seeing Jesus alive on that first Easter, the minds of his followers were racing with anticipation. In a stunning act, God had sacrificed His Son and then He had risen from the dead as LORD. Surely this would open the way for an act of God unlike any the world had seen. What happened next, no one saw coming. But it changed the world.

Bold Steps

Do you ever feel a little stuck? How about a lot stuck? As we seek God he wants us to grow and even multiply. This journey can seem overwhelming when you’re stuck but getting unstuck starts with a single step. Let’s talk about taking steps together, starting where you are.