Sermons on Faith

Sermons on Faith

Matthew 24: Are We There Yet

Do you ever feel like the end will never come? Are you longing for the return of Christ? This week we look at Matthew, chapter 24 to see what Jesus has to say about enduring to the end, His return and the hope we can have in Him.

Matthew 21

How are you living? Is your life producing fruit for the Kingdom of God? This week, as we continue our study of Matthew in chapter 21, we see what Jesus has to say about living for the Lord.

Genesis 40-41: The Bigger Picture

At times we are tempted to wish we were in someone else’s position in life. However, the Lord has placed each of us in a set of unique situations that culminate in accomplishing his will for our lives. This week we look at Genesis, chapters 40 and 41 to see how the trials that Joseph endured helped grow him in his ability to accomplish God’s will.

Genesis 39: The Prospering Servant

Joseph was prospered by God because he realized that in any and every circumstance he was doing the work that his extremely generous master had given him to do. Sometimes God puts us in difficult situations and expects us to faithfully follow His lead. This week we see in Genesis, chapter 39 how Jospeh responds to the difficult situation God has allowed him to go through.

Kingdoms Part: Matthew 15

Who do we look to for answers? Do we look to men or to the Word of God? God has given us answers as to who we are. This week in Matthew chapter 15, Jesus tells us we need to turn to God’s Word for hope and to find answers for the questions we have.