Sermons on Jesus

Sermons on Jesus

Matthew 24: Are We There Yet

Do you ever feel like the end will never come? Are you longing for the return of Christ? This week we look at Matthew, chapter 24 to see what Jesus has to say about enduring to the end, His return and the hope we can have in Him.

Matthew 21

How are you living? Is your life producing fruit for the Kingdom of God? This week, as we continue our study of Matthew in chapter 21, we see what Jesus has to say about living for the Lord.

Joseph the Dreamer: Genesis 37-38

Often we choose to do our own thing rather than follow what God desires for us. This week we look at Genesis chapters 37 and 38 to see that God can work through even the worst of situations and use them for the good of the Kingdom.

True Discipleship: Matthew 10

God calls us to live a life of full devotion to Him, giving up all that is close to us. Will we step out in faith and fully follow Christ? Join us as we walk through Matthew chapter 10 to see what Christ says about truly following Him in faith and loving others as He loves us.

Matthew 7: Striving For the Kingdom

What are your actions saying about your walk with Christ? Are you working hard everyday to put into practice all that Jesus taught? Life is hard. Will you be ready by building your life on Jesus and His truth? This week we look at what Jesus said in Matthew chapter 7 about following the Lord and living out a life that honors Him.
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