Matthew (Page 2)

Matthew (Page 2)

Kingdoms Part: Matthew 15

Who do we look to for answers? Do we look to men or to the Word of God? God has given us answers as to who we are. This week in Matthew chapter 15, Jesus tells us we need to turn to God’s Word for hope and to find answers for the questions we have.

The Kingdom Divide: Matthew 12

What God wants from us is to walk closely with Him. Often times we miss this. We think, “as long as I do this or that I’ll be ok” but God’s whole desire is that we walk humbly with Him. This week in Matthew, chapter 12, Jesus speaks strongly about a right relationship with Him.

True Discipleship: Matthew 10

God calls us to live a life of full devotion to Him, giving up all that is close to us. Will we step out in faith and fully follow Christ? Join us as we walk through Matthew chapter 10 to see what Christ says about truly following Him in faith and loving others as He loves us.