Matthew (Page 3)

Matthew (Page 3)

Matthew 7: Striving For the Kingdom

What are your actions saying about your walk with Christ? Are you working hard everyday to put into practice all that Jesus taught? Life is hard. Will you be ready by building your life on Jesus and His truth? This week we look at what Jesus said in Matthew chapter 7 about following the Lord and living out a life that honors Him.

Matthew 6: Moving the Kingdom Inside

Where does your treasure lie? What are your motives in giving, praying and fasting? Will you let Jesus challenge your thinking? This week we look at the words of Jesus in Matthew 6 to align our perspectives with His.

The Gospel of the Kingdom – An intro to Matthew

There are two kingdoms; the kingdom of this world and the kingdom of God. This age will end when Jesus returns and the opportunity to change kingdoms will be gone. Which kingdom will you choose to chase after? This week we introduce our upcoming study of Matthew by discussing the choice we have of running after things of this world or the things of God.